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I like to call my geographical commitment phobia acute exploration-fever. But amid a life of travels, there has always been one constant: painting. Wherever I go, my watercolour set comes too.

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I grew up surrounded by sketchbooks thanks to my fashion-loving family in Milan. But a rebellious streak made me swap pretty party dresses for a childhood spent in jodhpurs, riding horses in the Italian countryside, dreaming it was the African bush. After my business degree at Georgetown University, I fell for Argentina and moved to Buenos Aires – from there I hopped to an equally beautiful southern hemisphere city, Cape Town.

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I’ve since studied fashion design at Parsons in New York and worked with African wildlife NGOs, and now live in London,
a place that allows me to indulge some of my appetite for adventure without leaving home.

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In an age of emails and social media, there’s something wonderfully enduring about exploring the world through my paintbrush.
Which is how a travel addict like me discovered that spending a morning in her studio could bring as much happiness as a day riding through the Kenyan wilderness… Well, almost…

My Mission



As a passionate African traveller and wildlife lover, I am a huge believer in conservation, and have become an official Young Ambassador to African Parks. This outstanding NGO is doing essential work preserving wildlife and ecosystems across the country. As a result, I have decided to donate 10% of all animal themed orders to their mission.


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